Big Lama

Big Lama.  Den bedste og mest solgte udendørs helikopter i sin klasse.

Har 2 x "370-elmotorer" monteret. Nemmere at flyve udenfor end de mindre coax modeller, fordi vægten er højere, hvilket gør den mindre vindfølsom. Absolut en af de bedste COAX helikopter modeller på markedet i denne klasse.

Længde: 500 mm
Højde: 260 mm
Diameter rotorblad: 460 mm
Flyvægt: 410 g
Motor: 2 x 370 El
Elektronik: 4in1 modtager, gyro, fartregulator
Gyro: Indbygget i modtageren
Servo: 2st x 8g digitalservo
Batteri: 11,1V 800 mAh Li-Po

Leveres i komplet RTF pakke med engelsk og dansk vejledning. Se dansk vejledning her

Helikopteren er testet og leveres med batterier i fjernbetjening = lige klar til at flyve.

* Helikopteren er UDSOLGT (produceres ikke mere), men ROTORBLADE og visse reservedele fås stadig *

Klik her for at se til denne model.

Hvordan "binder" man fjernbetjening til Esky Big Lama?

To unbind a transmitter:

1. Make sure the transmitters around you have been switched off. Connect the battery to the helicopter.
2. After connecting the battery, you can see the signal light of receiver blings slowly.
3. Use a small size screwdriver to press the switch inside the receiver. Hold it until you see the signal light blings quickly. (swichen sidder foran på modtageenheden).
4. Now Disconnect the battery. You have unbinded the transmitter sucessfully.

To bind a transmitter:
1. Get ready your transmitter that want to bind. Make sure to turn everything low, so that it wouldn't get maximum power once switched on.
2. Put the transmitter aside, DO NOT TURN IT ON yet.
3. Connect the battery to the helicopter, you can see the signal light of receiver blings slowly
4. Now switch on the transmitter, wait for a few seconds
5. You will hear a few beeps, finish binding!

Flight Tips:
1) Master the simulator it comes with BEFORE you fly it!
2) Fly it over tall grass or something soft. This will minimize crash damage.
3) Move the battery a full length forward to make the heli more nose heavy and thus more stable.
4) Fly it in little to no wind! The wind will toss it around.
5) Don't fly fast with it! This will cause it to go out of control. Just cruse and hover around at a moderate speed, that's what its designed for.
6) Just try and hover it about 2 feet off the ground facing forward into the wind.
7) When you start to lose control, gently power down! If the heli just "falls" out of the sky it will take little or no damage. The damage happens when you smash into the ground and still have the power on.
8) Use tape for repairs as long as you can! If, I'm sorry when you break your blades and body, don't worry about it. Just tape them back together as we did in the video. Then when you have all your crashing done with, then buy some more nice parts. This heli will still fly even after a tremendous amount of damage!