Double Horse 9062

Denne 3-kanals rc elektriske helikopter kan flyve op, ned, venstre, højre, frem og tilbage. Velegnet for begyndere og eksperter.
Kan flyve både udendørs og inde.
It comes completely Ready to Run and features a Proportional Control, Altitude & Rotor Speed Control, Flight Stabilizing System, & Lightweight Airframe.

Powerful 2 x 180 carbon brush motors as main drive & N25 motor as tail drive
More stable flight, even first timer can control easily
SUPER STABLE X-ROTATION SYSTEM, Easier to control than Original LAMA
Coaxial counter-rotating blades cancel out the rotational torque that makes hovering a conventional helicopter so difficult
Smart-Design R/C system
360 degree exact directional
Full scale remote control
Smooth hang performance
Newly designed electricity saving function
Safeguard battery model to prolong the uses life
Factory Pre- assembled, zero assembly time
Rudder is controlled using variation in speed of each level of the rotor blade
Precise controlling and hovering
Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor/Backyard/Park
The main rotor blades are using top quality plastic materials, which is not easily break
Approximately 10 minutes flight time
Best choice for Beginner
Can be hovered with so much ease, you can do it with only one hand.
Your Kid will LOVE it, Good for any Age group, Male or Female
Complete Kit, Ready to fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled
Der skal bruges 8 AA batteries til fjernbetjeningen

Main Rotor Diameter: 340 mm (13.5 inch)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 70 mm (2.8 inch)
Overall Length: 40 cm
Height: 175 mm (7 inch)
Weight: 220g (7.7 oz)
Driven system: 2X 180 Carbon Brush Motor & 1X N25 Motor
Battery: 7.2V 650mAh Ni-MH
Control system: 3 CH Radio Transmitter and Receiver
Radio Control Range: 150 feet (50m)
Pakken indeholder:
100% samlet helikopter
3 kanals radio-fjernbetjening med batterier
Strømforsyning og lader (Balance Charger)
7.2V 500mAh Ni-MH genopladeligt batteri
Engelsk manual + dansk vejledning

YouTube video 9062